Content Carousel documentation

Slide: background type

Each slide individually can have a color or image set as a background.

To select a color use the color picker tool or use any valid color value such as hex or rgb.

When background image has been selected, you will have an input field to upload your background image.
Try cropping and compressing the image for web use.
Large heavy images are often the reason why web pages run/load slow.

* If you want to have a complete transparent slide, use the color picker tool and drag the opacity slider all the way to the left so it becomes fully transparent.

Image position

Whenever an image as a background has been selected for a slide, 
you can x- and y-position that image.

X-values you can align it to the left, center or right.
Y-value can be either top, center or bottom.

Slide border

Your slide can have a border where you can specify:
  • border width
  • color
  • style

Border width is a value in pixels.

Select a color for your border by using the color picker tool or include any valid color value such as hex or rgb.

The style of the border can be:
  • solid
  • double
  • dashed
  • dotted

* Borders can be set individually, so each side (top, right, bottom, left) can have its own border settings.
​* If no border is needed, simply set the border width value to '0'.

Slide radius

Your slide can have rounded corners by setting a value in the border radius input,
this value is set in pixels,
the higher the value the rounder the corners.

* To have squared corners, simply set the value to '0'.
* You can set all corners (top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left) individually, so each has its own style.

Slide paddings

Horizontal and vertical padding for each slide can be included,
a value to be set in pixels.

Horizontal padding will create spacing between the left and right edge of the slide and its inner content.

Vertical padding will create spacing between the top and bottom edge of the slide and its inner content.

Slide handling

To add a new slide you can click on the rounded '+' button, a new slide will be appended (included as a last slide),
you can drag around slides by using the center drag handle.

To delete a slide, you can simply click the 'Delete' icon 'x' located at the right of each slide,
this action is irreversible and can not be retrieved once deleted, along with the slides any of its content included inside of the Weebly editor will get lost.

Sometimes it is faster to copy an existing slide than creating a new one,
copied slides will inherit the same style as the original one, which can save time.
Note that the content of a copied slide will not be copied along with it, it will only inherit the slide's styles.

Access the settings of each slide by clicking on the 'gear' icons positioned at the left of each slide.
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